The Waterway

Looking for a place where you can learn about locale cultural history in a practical and entertaining way? – Then the waterway at Pan Garden in Åmli is a great opportunity


Pan Garden has created a river in miniature. You can float timber down the river as they did in the old days in Åmli. You float the timber from the hilly areas, down sluices through rapids, past the water mill and eventually to the saw mill, which is powered by water.

WHAT HAPPENS when there are floods?

The fun does not end here. At the bottom of the waterway, we have created a flood workshop. Where you can discover what happens when flooding occurs. While water fills up behind the dam, you build houses and barns along the riverbank. When the dam is opened you see the ravages caused by flood water and see if you have built on solid ground.

WHO IS THIS suitable FOR, HOW LONG does it take and how much does it cost?

Groups: The waterway is perfect for groups of children aged 2-10 years-  families, kindergartens, schools. Both children and playful adults can explore and try out traditional methods of water exploitation. The waterway not only provides visual demonstrations of floating timber and the power of water but also helps you gain an insight into local and regional cultural history. All whilst having fun!

Duration: This depends on the number of children and what other activities you choose, but you should set aside a couple of hours with us including time for a small meal. Price: Groups over 10 people costs NOK 45,-  per person. Booking:

Free play: As long as we are open, children can play freely on their own. This is a pleasant Sunday activity for the family that can also be combined with Sunday dinner in restaurant. You can play as long as you want within our opening hours. Price: NOK 50,-  per person per day.

What more can you do?

After spending perhaps several hours playing with the waterway, you are welcome to explore the surrounding area on our trails, take a look at the beaver’s architectural efforts and perhaps take a trip by canoe or go swimming in Vallekilen

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