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Pan Garden not only has breathtaking views, but you can also get insight into local culture and history. As well as the waterway where you learn through play, we have various exhibitions and sales of local handicrafts and paintings.


At Pan Garden’s “Bakkan Stoga” you can view a series of paintings painted by artists Monica Olsen her work is inspired by Engvald Bakkan’s famous fictional trilogy, “Krossen er din”, which is based on historical events and people from Åmli in 1700s. The trilogy is about Inger and Knut who became wanted outlaws as a result of their love affair. Inger was the sister of Knut’s late wife, and that time the law deemed such relationship as incestuous and it punishable by death. For thirty years Inger and Knut lived a dramatic life as fugitives, hiding in the hills- but they always longed to return to their home community.

The author Engvald Bakka was born at Tveit in Åmli, just a few kilometers from Pan Garden.


There is also an exhibition about Kirsten Målfrid Flagstad, one of Norway’s most famous international women and by some considered to be the world’s greatest dramatic soprano. Kirsten Flagstad (1962-1995) had connections to Åmli and the south of Norway. She was married to the Kristiansand industrialist Henry Johansen. Around 1930 he was the owner of a plywood factory and the property Amalienborg. Amalienborg become Kirsten Flagstad home for the rest of her life. To supply timber for the factory, Johansen bought the farm Sigridnes in Åmli. Sigridnes is just a short paddle trip from Pan Garden. There was also a cottage on the property where she spent a great deal of time.


Most often you will find a sales exhibitions of paintings at Pan Garden, often from local artists and with motifs from forests, hills and moorland.


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