Hiking on narrow paths through breathtaking scenery, enjoy wonderful views and perhaps get fresh inspiration.


Pan Garden, located at Vallekilen has a beach on the property, if you try your luck fishing you are almost guaranteed to get a catch! There are trout, perch and whitefish. Vallekilen is also a great starting point for canoeing. Here you can hire a canoe and paddle down Nidelva and experience the natural beauty of the area.

HIKING AND cycling

From Pan Garden there are miles of marked hiking trails (link) and wonderful opportunities for cycling both on road and offroad. You can also hire bicycles from Pan Garden.


Pan Garden not only have breathtaking views, you can also gain an insight into local culture and history. As well as the waterway we have various exhibitions and local handicrafts for sale.

“If you take a walk or look out over the lake at dusk, you might just be lucky enough to see a beaver in its natural habitat. They can be easily spotted along Åmli`s many waterways.  If you don´t want to wait until evening, you can visit Elvarheim museum in Åmli, where you can see an exhibition about beavers and their natural habitats. The museum also has a display of Norwegian animals including a brown bear and a number of exhibits from the bear hunter, Olav Tverrstøyl – including rifles, fishing equipment, clothes and skis.”

  • Mulighet for snøscootertur i nærområdet

  • Kanopadling Nidelva

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